A Day in the Life: Summer Staff Edition

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to intern with Blueprint Ministries? Every Spring Break and Summer, Blueprint hires a group of college aged men and women who want to share Christ’s extravagant hope, love and grace to both San Antonio homeowners and campers. 

At Blueprint, there are three areas where you can serve: construction, media or hospitality. We are currently taking applications for all three! Let me introduce you to two of our previous summer staffers and hear about their experience working for Blueprint.


Tell us who you are and where you go to school:

Jack: My name is Jack MacTough, I am a Wildlife and Fisheries major at Texas A&M University, class of 2019.

Michaela: Hi! My name is Michaela. I am a junior at Trinity University where I am an International Studies Foreign Affairs major. I am a Young Life leader, in a sorority and I am a big fan of brunch.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

J: I once shut down a hospital for two weeks. 

M: I love lowercase letters.

How did you hear about Blueprint:

J: I went to Blueprint as a middle school camper for a church youth trip.

M: I lead Young Life in Alamo Heights, and my old area director heard about this opportunity to be on summer staff and thought it would be something I loved, he was right. 

What was your role at BP and what did your typical day look like?

J: I was on the Construction Team last summer. My typical day consisted of teaching middle school and high school students drywall and roofing skills as well as helping them grow spiritually and as a team.

M: I was the media intern, the actual best job that exists. A typical day for me consisted of driving around to all of the houses we were working on that week and taking pictures of the progress on the homes, the campers and the homeowners. I would then take all of those photos and form a slideshow everyday and print the best photos to help campers make their homeowners a scrapbook to remember them by!

What is your favorite memory of working at BP?

J: Working alongside Jeff, Layton and Doug (Construction Staff) and hearing them go back and forth on construction ideas was always fun and interesting.

M: This is so hard because BP played such a sweet role in my favorite summer. Watching one homeowner recover from a stroke and work alongside us by the end of the summer. Second, watching another homeowner run water through their shower after years of being without one. Lastly, forming great friendships with homeowners, campers and other interns.

Put broadly, my favorite memory of BP is the overall truth that BP gives simply to give. It's about taking time to serve, and give yourself away and continuing to do so when it is 102 degrees and you are covered in fiberglass splinters from the roof shingles for the 8th week in a row. When you have a million other places you could be but you choose to serve big and love big. It is absolutely beautiful if you ask me.



If you had one super power, what would it be?

J: The power to refill anything I want. If my bank account was empty, refill it. If my fridge was empty, refill it. 

M: Probably to teleport, I would likely be on time more often.

If you are interested in our summer staff internship, you can fill out an application now or contact our Camp Program Director for more information at Bobby@BlueprintMinistry.com