Blueprint Christmas: An Interview with Taylor Mooney

What is Blueprint Christmas?

Blueprint Christmas is an opportunity for us to further love on our homeowners through the gift of Christmas presents. We are blessed with wonderful volunteers that want to love on our homeowners with us. These volunteers pick up gift tags at various locations and buy Christmas presents for families whose houses we have worked on in the past.


What are gift tags?

Gift tags are blue paper ornaments that have an individual’s gift request. They will have a name and an item the person would like for Christmas. These gifts range from slippers to an occasional stove (if the family doesn't have a working one).


Where can you find a gift tag?

Several churches will have them, including: University UMC, The Park North, The Park Midtown, Alamo Heights Baptist Church, 210/Arsenal Church, and more. There will also be some at the Fairview Coffee Shop! You can also contact Taylor Mooney at Blueprint to get connected.


Who do we give gifts to?

We give gifts to any homeowner that Blueprint has worked with. We give a gift to every adult and two gifts to every child, as well as a grocery gift card for the household.


How can somebody get involved?

You can pick up a gift tag and buy a present for someone; you can even pick up gift tags for an entire family. The gifts then get wrapped by you and dropped off at Blueprint. We also have a delivery day where you can come to Blueprint, pick up a household's gifts, and deliver them to that family at their house. You can chat with them and get to know why we love them so much. I would highly recommend that you spend some time praying for each other. This is such a fun thing to do with your family and friends. 


You can do one of the above or both. Either way, we would love having you.


Why do we do it?

This is less about the act of giving presents and more about the act of tangible love. Blueprint is always about proclaiming the love of Jesus, and giving Christmas gifts is a hands on way of showing that love. 


When we call the homeowners to get their gift requests, we also ask for prayer requests. We are guaranteed to talk and connect with over 180 homeowners every year. The Blueprint Staff then gets to spend the next year praying for all of those homeowners.


When volunteers deliver the presents, they have the opportunity to meet our families where they are at, much like Jesus does with us. Both sets of people have the opportunity to become one in prayer and thanksgiving, as they talk and pray with each other.


Come celebrate Christmas with us!