Living in Sub-Standard Housing: One Woman’s Story

A group of students from Houston, TX working on Ms. Bakers home Summer 2017.

A group of students from Houston, TX working on Ms. Bakers home Summer 2017.

The Cost

Ms. Baker’s home was in great disrepair on the outside as well as the inside.  Mirroring the house disrepair is the family that lives there. Ms. Baker lives in this house on the city’s west side with her daughter, son-in-law and 3 grand-daughters.  The total income for this family ranks them just above the poverty level.

Both Ms. Baker and her son-in-law suffer from multiple health issues to include diabetes and back issues.  Emotionally, there has been a great sense of despair and helplessness leading to Ms. Baker to suffer from depression.  She lost her job which caused her to feel even more helpless.  Her neighbors thought she may have passed away as she became so reclusive due to the condition of her home.

Ms. Baker was referred to us through the City of San Antonio’s Code Compliance Department.  The referral came as an attempt to make repairs to keep this home from being condemned and having the family displaced from their home. The home had multiple roof leaks as well as a room addition in the back portion of the home that was detaching from the rest of the house. 

The Hope

Last summer, Blueprint volunteers began working to restore the Baker house.  After several weeks of work, the house had received a new roof, new floors, new walls and ceilings, painting and a remodeled bathroom. 

While there is still much left to do on the restoration of this house, Ms. Baker and her family have seen a restoration of their hope.  Ms. Baker now has a part-time job and shows a great sense of pride in her home.  She is funny, compassionate and most importantly – full of life and hope. 

Ms. Baker is just one story of the 46 families whose homes have been restored this year to a warmer, safer and drier place to live and raise their families.  Over 2,000 volunteers from 74 churches, schools, and businesses have partnered with Blueprint to restore hope to San Antonio homeowners.  

We are grateful for all God did in 2018 and look forward to 2019 and all that it will entail.