Hear From A Volunteer, Abby Easley

By: Taylor Mooney

I’ve had the immense pleasure of knowing Abby Easley for several years through being her Bible Study leader. She is currently in 10th grade at Lutheran High School and is beautifully tuned in to serving others for God’s glory. During our camp weeks, whether it’s our Summer Camp or Spring Break Camp, she comes several days each week and works all day for us – without pay. She truly rocks. I got to interview her and get her take on being a #bpmlocal.

Taylor: How did you first hear about Blueprint?
Abby: (laughing) From you, of course.

What interested you about Blueprint and really pulled you into serving here?
Your mission statement and the way you truly love the homeowners—that it goes beyond just fixing their house. You keep up with them afterwards. I also really like organizing things.

What are some things that you’ve done for us here at Blueprint?
Haha, what haven’t I done? I’ve alphabetized forms, made phone calls, got Christmas gift requests from homeowners, baked, delivered popsicles, replaced toilet paper and paper towels, refilled water jugs, wrapped presents, put away food deliveries, swept and mopped, prayed for homeowners….

What’s your favorite thing to do?
Deliver popsicles. I like to talk to the campers and seeing all the work being done to the house. Just getting that personal connection to the campers and homeowners. I also like riding in the car with you [excuse me while my heart melts].

If you had to recruit homeowners, how would you do it?
Talk about how much Blueprint does for the homeowners—the way we express Christ’s love for them all. Investing time here is really investing time for God’s kingdom.

How is Blueprint different than other organizations?
It feels more like a family. Not like you’re working for them, but with them. I would love to work on Summer Staff here.

What’s your favorite story/memory from volunteering here?
When we were driving on the highway and the ice chest in the bed of your truck tipped over and the popsicles spilled everywhere in the bed. We had to get off the highway and pull over on the side of this access road to pick up all the popsicles. We were scrambling to get the ice and popsicles back into the ice chest before it all melted in the hot summer heat.

One thing I love about our Blueprint volunteers is that they don't just come and go; they get invested and become a part of what we're doing. Blueprint Ministries wouldn't function without dedicated volunteers.  I say this a lot because I truly mean it.  I am forever thankful for the people that show up to do whatever needs to be done so that BPM can love God and love people. Abby Easley loves God and loves people alongside us and we love her for that.

(From left to right) Abby, Janae, Taylor, Abby, and Hope serve a St. Patrick's Day treat to our spring break campers.

(From left to right) Abby, Janae, Taylor, Abby, and Hope serve a St. Patrick's Day treat to our spring break campers.