Our Mission

Blueprint Ministries is a non-profit organization in urban San Antonio that provides servant leadership training for youth and adults while restoring homes for elderly, disabled and low-income residents. 

We hope to become part of the San Antonio community by sharing Christ's extravagant love, hope, and grace.   

Join us in making a difference.



"Blueprint is a fantastic ministry opportunity. It is in the heart of San Antonio and has become a great mission site extending the love and grace of Jesus Christ to the city. Our group continues to be blessed to be apart of Blueprint and I thank God for the opportunity to partner with them in loving people for Christ."

— Rev. Dr. Rusty Freeman, Youth Leader


San Antonio has one of the largest percentages of sub-standard housing for any major city in the U.S. 87% of the homeowners Blueprint Ministries serves are living at, or below the national poverty level. Blueprint Ministries uses teams of volunteer youth and adults throughout the year to make much needed repairs on homes within San Antonio.  Through our home repairs, lasting relationships are established with our homeowners between Blueprint Ministries and the groups that serve them.

Home repairs can range from roofing and dry wall repair to subflooring installation and painting. Our goal is to make the house safe, warm and dry for all of our homeowners. Servant leadership is stressed as youth and adults reach out and serve together for those unable to do the work due to age, disability or income levels.