Each Spring Break and summer, over 900 middle school and high school aged students participate in one of Blueprint's week long mission camps.  Groups come together from Texas and around the U.S. to serve. These volunteers share the love of Jesus Christ and transform homeowners' lives through their hard work.  Blueprint's desire is for students to return home with a passion for living a missional lifestyle and to continue serving those around them.  We'd love to serve alongside you.

When I am here, I feel like I matter. I feel like I belong. I feel like I have more joy here than at a party or with my friends back home. I have seen God work in people this week. I believe that God is good because there are many people way smarter and more successful than myself that believe in him.
— High school leader, June 2019

Teams of youth and adults work at inner-city homes during the day and share in worship together in the evenings. Blueprint provides all lodging, food, tools, materials and programming during camp. One of our goals is for the youth leader and adult volunteers to be able to spend time getting to know their students instead of worrying about the logistics of the trip.

Blueprint strives to build up servant leaders through the camp experience.  We exist to share Christ’s love through the restoration of homes in urban San Antonio.

I really saw our kids reflecting Christ’s love throughout their work and interactions with the homeowner. Many of them said they want to make service a bigger part of their lives.
— Adult Leader, July 2019

Highland Park UMC

Spring Break 2019 Recap Video